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Custom grey kitchen cabinetry work with marble countertops, kitchen island with hood

Our Projects

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About Us


Blackbird Custom Cabinets strives to create masterfully designed and technologically advanced cabinetry, using quality woodworking and impeccable design. By recognizing that the artistry of the designers and workers is as central to the process as the state-of-the-art equipment, Blackbird Custom Cabinets can create cabinetry that is truly unique and endures the test of time. The result of this company philosophy is translated into bespoke creations that perfectly suit the preferences and tastes of the most discriminating clientele.


We have been producing the finest cabinetry on the market; having assembled a remarkable team of designers, technicians, craftsmen, finishers, and artisans who together make the company one of the best in the industry.

Our Philosophy

At Blackbird Custom Cabinets, our philosophy is that the finished product should rival the beauty of the trees that were used to create it. Great effort is put into the design and construction of each project to maximize the beauty and the function of your bespoke cabinetry, and minimize the impact on the environment.

We honor the deep roots of woodworking artistry, while providing a fluid, openly creative process for both our clients and ourselves. In close collaboration, we bring a vision to life.


We narrow down the necessities to clear any barriers that distract from our shared intention. Achieving the perfect edge is as essential as the chosen grain. Be it custom kitchen cabinetry, a bathroom vanity, or a wardrobe bound to become a treasured family heirloom, we craft it with creativity, enduring quality, and care. 


Scott Trudel standing in the wood shop

Scott Trudel

President + CEO

Scott Trudel is a native of San Jose, CA. Scott Trudel brings his vast experience in project management, craftsmanship and managerial expertise that have brought Blackbird Custom Cabinets to its current position. Scott oversees each project from conceptual, site planning and budgeting to turnover and occupancy, ensuring quality, cost-effectiveness and timeliness of each project.


You don’t have to compromise your style when it comes to the look of your home or business. You want your cabinetry, furniture, and woodwork done your way, hand built by master craftsmen to your exact standards. We understand that you want cabinets that are as unique as you are to make your home truly yours.

Our Specialty Workshop is a custom cabinet and furniture shop, not a production shop. Our team builds each item from start to finish—pouring their heart and soul into the work. Each cabinet is as unique as the person we’re crafting it for.

We offer artisan-made, bespoke cabinetry of all kinds, for both residential and commercial needs, including:

  • Kitchen Cabinetry

  • Bathroom Cabinetry

  • Fireplace Mantels

  • Bookcases

  • Bars

  • Entertainment Centers

  • Storage Solutions



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